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Hello, I'm Sita*

I'm committed to delving deeper into this rich blend of techniques and the ongoing journey of discovery they are taking me on. Along the way a desire has blossomed to help other people reap the benefits too. I would be delighted to share the peace and joy found in these practices with you.

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About Me: About Me

I was attracted to yoga as a teenager, hoping it would keep me supple as I aged. I soon discovered the value of hatha practice goes much deeper than simply maintaining mobility. I have kept a thread of yoga and meditation practices running through my life, seeking teachers who guided me to cultivate inner stillness and peace.

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After university, I signed up to lead groups on habitat creation projects. Many people who volunteered with us had mental wellbeing challenges. It was my first taste of how connecting with the earth could have therapeutic benefits.  I spent many years working to engage people with nature and environmental conservation.

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In 2013 I retreated to Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales. (the yogic equivalent of a monastery). For nine months I steeped in a wide range of yogic practices.  Alongside daily hatha, pranayama, meditation and chanting, I had the privilege of managing the gardens for my karma yoga. Once again I was supporting people on their healing journeys, as visitors joined me in tending the garden.

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When I emerged back into the wide world, I sought out a heart focused teacher and started my journey with Heart of Living Yoga. I graduated from their 100 hour foundation course in March 2020. 

I am trained as a Heartmath clinical practitioner, which aims to train the body to rest in the parasympathetic nervous system.  I have completed  the University of Berkley's Greater Good Science Centre ‘Science of Happiness’ course, and Yale University's ‘Science of Wellbeing’ course.

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*For people who know me by my birth name Rachel, or my nickname Ginger, this will be a surprise. In many yoga traditions it is traditional for students to receive a spiritual name, to remind people of their highest potential. My spiritual name is Sita Supriya.

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