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Relax, Reconnect, Restore.

Open your heart to a natural state of ease.

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My Intention

My intention is to guide you through delicious meditations that will help you find peace and feel centred. The approach is to focus on generating uplifting emotions that will soothe the nervous system and provide a counterbalance to the negativity bias - the human tendency to dwell on our worries. Over time you will build your resilience to meet everyday challenges in a healthy way.

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“We may think of joy as something that happens spontaneously. Few people realise it needs to be cultivated and practiced in order to grow"

Thich Nhat Hanh

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Community Feedback

Client comments

Sita’s wellbeing sessions are invaluable, I love her  gentle and practical approach, and her meditations are beautiful and powerful. They help me quickly shift from a negative feeling into one of happiness and joy - truly wonderful and empowering. I thoroughly recommend, life changing.


I have found Rachel to be a very approachable, gentle, caring person who uses her many skills to help me identify more clearly my negative thought patterns and feelings and with meditation and HeartMath move into a more balanced and peaceful state.


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